ÅreFoto takes you as a customer seriously

Your visual experience is the most important thing for us.

Quality of printouts

Therefore, should you for any reason be dissatisfied with the quality of the purchased photo, we will of course replace you with a new printout.

Digital copies

Note that downloaded images are usually too dark to print directly when they are adapted for screens. Therefore, they may need to be brightened up before printing.

Right of withdrawal and returns

On already printed material we have a month’s right of return, more if it is e.g. a Christmas present or other gift you bought. We are of course responsible for the return shipping.

On products printed to order, we have no right of return but we will refund the part of the amount that is not our production and shipping cost within 14 days of receiving the photo or printout.

On digital copies we have a 14-day right of return but the buyer reserves no right to have reproduced or will reproduce the image in any way, either online or on paper, for example. This also applies to photos of the image, for example, as a social media post or in some other way. Should this be done, the licence for using the copy is deemed to have been exhausted and full payment shall be made.

Returns should be sent to

CO Jonas Höglund
Rista 798

Do you have questions

Feel free to contact Jonas at jonas@adventurewithjonas.com or 0760510606

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